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Vdeo installation 

'A figure is hiding in different places. Are the places communicating with her, or are they just dead material?'


Director: Lizette Bryrup
Performer: Kaja Mærk Egeberg
Music: Andreas Frostholm Røeboe
Stylist & make-up: Stinne Vium

Exhibited at : 

- 'Midnight Museums', Chilenske Museum MAM i Chlioé, November 2018

- 60Seconds selection "Frame and Vision" for this years Copenhagen Photo Festival, June 2018

- INSTITUT FRANÇAIS du DANEMARK during Kulturnatten, Oktober 2018

- CPH ART WORKS, Oktober, 2014

- 48 TIMER FESTIVAL, April 2014

- FOKUS videokuntfestival, 2014

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