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Video installation by Maria Wang Kvalheim  


Exhibited at Tou scene in Stavanger 2019 as part of the group exhibition Portal. 

Concept, scenography, sound, video & photos: Maria Wang Kvalheim

Performer: Kaja Mærk Egeberg


The site is an old beer factory and had 8 big halls of exhibition space. Every artist worked in one hall each, taking in consideration the given space and the architectural potential. 


We worked with choreography on the carpet being the only world and place to move.  

The work arrived from the following poem by Mari Pitkänen:

My tooth moved 

Tooth down in front

Dog tooth

Dog teeth

I feel it slowly proceed 

Off from its place

Perhaps proceed 

Out of body 

Out of that 

body business

Of me 

I am

MA I--

My tooth belike

Dog teeth glowing artifacts

Ears hear the scratch of furry ear

Mother’s long nails carve my ears

Little bits of dry skin she collects between the finger skin and nail

I want to live here

Mouth talking milky words

I thought I would taste if they’re good or not

And then - But I think - it always feels a bit different

Squeaky teeth 

Falsely cut

All waters are out, heads turn

Mother body with its heaps 

Sweet heaps turn me

Bearded mother, bearded daughter, dog whisker

All of them show teeth

I can sleep here

Place back teeth

Place back books

From the milky mouth

Off from their place 

Make mouth feel better

Mouth so easily disjointed 

Saying falsely words

Shut it crack

Stop leaking steamy breath

Teeth be warriors 

Clean glossy squeaky teeth


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