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Photo: Kaja Mærk Egeberg

Sad Sailors were born in Trinidad Carnival 2017 as a street performance, inspired by traditional Sailor Masquerade. These lamenting creatures give melancholic treatment to any pop song. 

Created in collaboration with Lordstreet Theatre Company, Tafar Chia Lewis, Safa Niamat-Ali and Srisati Seeram.



Mar / Mær was delighted to open their very first Sad Sailors´ Salon, in the fall 2019 at Bananaz in Oslo, and

St. Croix Huset, Fredrikstad. 

The Sad Sailors are singing sad songs for the sad times, and the Sad Salon is a special environment for sharing pleasures of melancholia, despairs and miseries.


We are looking forward to spend more nights filled with poetry, stories and forgotten histories, which are craving to be told. Together with our guests we tap into collective cries, amongst discussions on literature in salon style in different tones of longing, yearning and desiring. There shall be space for hosts and guests to express themselves as desired. 

We shall envision futures of hope or hopelessness, as engaged Sad Saloners.

We attempt to create a salon in the spirit of past times. Sad Sailors´ Salon is inspired by historical French and Soviet salon environments, where meetings between different art disciplines happened. People gathered for sharing inspirations, visions for the future and spending night together in a group of invited guests. We reminisce past salon hosts, and salute them. 


The Salon is supported by Kulturrådet

Video: Aksel Pépin & Kaja Mærk Egeberg

Photos: Petros Lappas Manakos

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