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- A mini-festival of works by Samuel Beckett

Directed by Phillip Zarrilli and Andy Crook .   


Performed and designed by the second year acting and scenography students at NTA/HiØ

Between March 30 and April 1 2017, Norwegian Theatre Academy produced a mini-festival showing short plays and prose works by Nobel laureate Samuel Beckett. Arranged in two different programmes, audiences had the unique opportunity of experiencing six of Beckett’s short plays as well as performative responses to two of Beckett’s prose works: 

"A piece of monologue", "Play", "Footfalls", "The lost ones", "One evening", "Not I", "Eh Joe" og "Rockaby".


Kaja Mærk Egeberg was the solo-performer in "Not I", and Amy in "Footfalls".




NOT I .mp3by Samuel Becket - performed by Kaja Mærk Egeberg at Norwegian Theatre Academy 2017
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