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2017 _ Under The Weather _ Independent Production _ Tutor Ingvild Holm _ Norwegian Theatre

Under The Weather

             - a redreaming of The Tempest  by THISISLE


UNDER THE WEATHER is a reflection, a play and commentary on The Tempest and its occurrent themes of colonialism, gender and power relations. It is re-dreaming the classic, and takes a critical look into Western/Eurocentric perception of the world and its theatre tradition, presenting a bold response to it from today’s perspective. Under the Weather urge to decentralizes the point of view of whose perspective The Tempest is read from. 

Developed through THISISLES own devising method the post dramatic dramaturgy shows itself as waving between form and transformation, emphasizing the moments in-between. Different figures will appear and change by the means of sound, light, and bodies performed in a non-linear dramaturgy. New imagination is revealed when slippages occur; visions of twisted power structures, strange virgin bodies, carnevalistique hybrid genders. We are on path of never arriving, but always becoming.

UNDER THE WEATHER is stuck on an island with nothing but an old electric organ and lumps of tree. We draw inspiration from both very expressive genres like cabaret, burlesque and commedia dell'arte and performance art, searching for performative elements that “does something” to a body and to the space. Dark ocean, collapse of the conscious mind and erotic apocalypse are weaved in to the dramaturgy.

THIS ISLE : Rasmus Stenager Jensen, Kaja Mærk Egeberg , Felipe Osorio-Guzmán, Mari Pitkänen

Photos by : Jan Husták, Serge Von Arx and Nikoline Spjelkavik

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