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 - silent conversations with the dead

Site-specific performance

A 'mas intervention' into the Trinidad Carnival with the Norwegian Theatre Academy and Lordstreet Theatre Company, Port of Spain, 24/02/2017.


MAR/MÆR is a performing duo by Mari Pitkänen and Kaja Mærk Egeberg who creates performances from inspiration of researching bodies and their relation to non-human.


Mar/Mær has worked with camouflage strategies since 2017 several projects. 

Camouflage strategy starts from yearning to belong and to fit in into ‘something’, and continues in to material action when the desire to assimilate to a space is great.

The attraction to environment, like to a brick or stone wall, makes us want to be alike, and let our bodies dissolve, mixing into the space. This is a phenomena that some animals master. The anomaly relation, the confusion between bodies and space is the very slippage, where the imagination aroused by camouflage is the most intense. 

Camouflaged creature is a silent trickster in a space, that creates ambiguity in visual perception. One cannot tell the reason for the hiding: is it a defense or is it a lure? The mission of the creature is to conceal and disappear, and by doing that, evoke histories of a location through its materiality and specificity. Camouflaged bodies are invoking forgotten songs and stories that materials in surroundings resonate

Created and performed by: MAR/MÆR (Mari Pitkänen, Kaja M. Egeberg) and Tafar Chia Lewis I  

Video documentation: Syntyche Bishop Photo documentation: Aaron Mohammed

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