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Photo: Tobias Shaw


Site-specific performance

- a performance action, a creation of the Camouflaged Creature. 


The creature’s yearning is to belong and to fit into something. Camouflage happens through sensory attraction to an environment and its materials. The creature urges to blend into surfaces, performing a game of the quiet trickster. One cannot tell the reason for the hiding – is it a defense or a lure?


On one hand the creature disappears into the landscape and plants a mystery. Yet, on the other hand the hiding reveals that the mystery is here, nearby. Hidden stories in the living organisms are invoked by the ambiguous slippages between human and other-than-human bodies. 


STILL. HERE. is a slow dance with lichen, poetry and human creatures. 

STILL. HERE. is an ever so evolving conversation about decomposition.

STILL. HERE. is a story about durability and loss of the subject. 

STILL. HERE. was created site-specifically for Nonstop International Theatre Festival 2023 and took place in Heilmannsparken in Møllebyen: 22/09 - 23/09/2023  



Mari Pitkänen (FIN) and Kaja Mærk Egeberg (NO) collaborate in the performance duo MAR/MÆR, with focus on performance research in public spaces, and how the material specificity of a site can affect bodies and vice versa. ​


MAR/MÆR have dealt with Camouflage Strategies in a cycle of performance-actions since 2017, in different cities and festivals. The very first was created by Lapeyrouse Cemetery Wall in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago in collaboration with Lordstreet Theatre Company, Tafar Chia Lewis and Norwegian Theatre Academy.

Performance by: MAR/MÆR - Mari Pitkänen, Kaja M. Egeberg  I  Sound design: Tobias Shaw Petersen  I  Poster: MAR/MÆR 

Photo documentation: Tobias Shaw Petersen & Aksel Pépin  I Video documentation: Tobias Shaw Petersen & Kaja Mærk Egeberg  

Supported by: Fond For Lyd og Bilde,  FFUK

Other camouflage work by MAR/MÆR

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